PS5 remapper BDM010 & BDM020 unsoldered

PS5 remapper BDM010 & BDM020 unsoldered

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PS5 Remapper Chip for BDM010 & BDM020 Controller paddle installation. These ps5 remappers are unsoldered.



Easy remapping chip for BDM010 and BDM020 playstation 5 controller used for paddle installation.

This remapper supports X,O,Triangle,Square,PS,LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN.

Our PS5 remapper is a high quality product with 50% bigger soldering pads compared to other remapping chips. To further improve the ps5 remap board we added double sided tape for easier and faster installation.


For installation of this ps5 remapping chip you need to solder. You can find installation guide for the PS5 Remapper here:

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