PS5 programmable remapper unsoldered BDM010 & BDM020

PS5 programmable remapper unsoldered BDM010 & BDM020

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PS5 programmable remapper with easy installation and 100% legal usage. This PS5 remapper supports up to 4 backbuttons which all can be remapped over and over again by your customer. The settings are saved even when the gamepad lose power over long time.



  • support 1-4 backbuttons/paddles
  • remapper works for PS5 BDM010 and BDM020 controllers
  • backbuttons can get set to: X,O,Triangle,Square,LEFT,RIGHT,UP,DOWN, L3, R3
  • visual feedback with LEDs
  • settings can be safed
  • paddles can be deactivated/activated as customer desires
  • this programmable remapper has no unfair/illegal functions and can be used for e sports


How does the ps5 remapping chip work?

To start programming mode:  press X + CROSS DOWN and hold for 8 seconds, you will see the LEDs light up

For press one paddle button and then the button on the controller you want it to get set, LED flashes 2 times, repeat for all paddles/the paddles you want to use.

To safe settings and use the ps5 controller again you need to press and hold CROSS DOWN for 2 seconds, LED will turn off. You can use the controller now.

Resett paddles: press and hold SQUARE + CROSS LEFT for 5 seconds


Installation guide on YouTube:






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